Biomimicry 101

It examines nature, its systems and elements to emulate or take inspiration from in order to solve human design challenges


Nature may already have the solutions to our biggest challenges. Biomimicry taps into the genius to unlock innovations and creative solutions.


Biophilia is the practice of integrating nature into design. It can enhance health and well-being of individuals who incorporate the approaches into the environment.

Ecological Engineering

Ecological engineering is about co-creating ecological systems that are a benefit to both social and ecological systems, and that use less energy.

About BioMulate

BioMulate delivers biomimetic solutions to solve your design challenges.

Our Services

We focus on providing world-class biomimicry education, project consulting and real world product solutions to tackle business challenges.

Biomimicry Education

Biomimicry Frontiers

Enhance design thinking. Increase creativity and ability to innovate. We can provide presentations and workshops to enhance your project or build a different perspective.

Living Walls

Ginko Sustainability

We bring the outdoors inside. The Living Walls can improve productivity, regulate temperature, increase property value and enhance building aesthetics.

Biomimicry Consulting

Biomimicry Frontiers

From ecological service mapping and site assessment to strategy consulting and technology integration, we provide consulting services with Biomimicry Frontiers.

Green Roof

Ginko Sustainability

The green roof can provide insulation and reduce cooling loads, create space for people working in the building, reduce stormwater run-off and fulfill municipal by-laws.

“We cannot solve problems with the same thinking that created them” ~ Albert Einstein

Partner Ecosystem

We've partnered with Biomimicry leaders in Canada.
Biomimicry Frontiers

Biomimicry Frontiers

Consulting & Strategy

We offer learning opportunities, project consulting and sustainable development strategy. We help landowners and businesses create bold solutions.

Gingko Sustainability

Gingko Sustainability

Living Walls & Green Roof

We are working together to bring more green roofs, living walls and water reclamation solutions to Ontario corporations, residential buildings and municipal governments.



Sustainable Urban Farming Technologies

Prosperium Global Solutions is focused on a new passive solar single slope greenhouse design, delivering these units and supporting technologies to meet the local supply needs of urban populations.

Elby Mobility

Elby Mobility

MicroMobility Solutions

Elby Mobility is inspiring and supplying fully integrated micromobility solutions and providing the best transportation experience within the rapidly growing low carbon economy.

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